Swati Chakravarty-Marcon

Dr. Swati Chakravarty-Marcon holds a Doctorate in Physics from Carleton University, Canada. Drawing on over 20 years of technology industry and business expertise in the global market place, she brings proven abilities as a strategic business leader, skilled negotiator, intuitive advisor and an enthusiastic achiever, assisting companies and organizations in growing their business profitably under challenging global market conditions. She currently holds the position of Vice President, Global Channels at CCI Inc., where she manages a dynamic product portfolio of CCI products for the wireless market globally. Prior to CCI, Dr. Chakravarty-Marcon worked for 2 years at TenXc Wireless Inc. as a Director PLM, where she managed the state-of-the art antennas product line; 10 plus years at a major telecom OEM, JDSU, as a Global Product Line Manager, where she successfully managed and executed major revenue generating and a complex product line to make it a sustainable and profitable business. Prior to telecom industry, Dr. Chakravarty-Marcon worked for 8 plus years at a world leading aerospace company, Orenda Aerospace – a subsidiary of Magellan Aerospace, as a Project Manager and a Research Engineer, where she led and managed many high profile R&D projects of national and International recognition in aerospace and space applications.

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