Jean Luc Bérubé

Dr. Jean Luc Bérubé joined the Communications Research Centre (CRC) in 2009 as a research vice-president and became President of the CRC in 2011. He brought with him a proven track record in managing the human and technological issues inherent in complex telecommunications R&D projects.

Dr. Bérubé lead the CRC through significant transformation, including rejuvenating and realigning the research program, re-engineering the CRC’s corporate processes, and modernizing campus infrastructure. These efforts have positioned the CRC as an agile, innovative, and client-driven applied research centre for advanced wireless telecommunications. You can learn more about the research the CRC conducts under Dr. Bérubé here.
Dr. Bérubé began his career as a design engineer with Canadian Marconi Company. He later joined Nortel, leading teams in the design of advanced telecommunications equipment. He then moved to Motorola, where he ensured that product planning and customer needs were tightly aligned, and from there joined Altera Corporation, where he oversaw both applications and market development for the Canadian wireless and broadband network communications sectors.
Dr. Bérubé holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Brunswick (UNB), a Master of Applied Science degree from Montréal’s École Polytechnique, and a doctorate from UNB, all in electrical engineering.

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