Caroline Lewko

CEO – Developer Marketing Agency, WIP / WIP Factory

Caroline, known as the ‘connector’, has been in the mobile industry since 1995, as a coder, funder, community builder and entrepreneur. Recognizing the importance of mobile developers in the ecosystem, she founded WIP in 2006, the first developer relations agency. Caroline founded one of the world’s first regional mobile associations in 2001, and spearheaded the development and fundraising of Wavefront in 2007, a wireless accelerator. She started in mobile with Anderson Consulting (Accenture). Caroline also worked for a Hong Kong consultancy marketing an industrial park in China in the late 90s. She received her MBA from Dalhousie University. Caroline was named by Fierce Wireless as one of the Top Ten Women in Wireless for 2009. She is a Member of the ICT Advisory Board (Global Affairs Canada) and Judge for GSMA Mobile Awards and BCTECH’s TIAS.

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