Atte Länsisalmi

Atte Länsisalmi is Program Manager in Nokia’s central standardization unit, and coordinates Nokia standardization activities for Industrial IoT. Atte joined Nokia Research Center in 1993 and has been involved in Mobile Communication research and standardization activities since the last phases of 2G, in roles of technical contributor, architect and coordinator. System Architecture and Core Network aspects in 3GPP standards have been his main focus areas. Atte has recently expanded into Industrial IoT involving also other industry forums, such as 5G-ACIA and IIC. Involving members from Automation Industry in the development of 5G and listening to their voice is one of his professional aspirations, and in 5G-ACIA he holds deputy chairman position in WG3 “Architecture and Technology”, where he is also rapporteur for report on Private Networking, which explains 5G networking options for manufacturing industrial setting.

Atte holds MSc in Telecommunications Technology from Helsinki University of Technology, now known as Aalto University.

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